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Glass and Quartz Trimmer Capacitors(Glass and Quartz Trimmers)
  Friday, December 23, 2005
  Friday, March 31, 2017

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Glass and Quartz Trimmer Capacitors(Glass and Quartz Trimmers)

The unique Voltronics non-rotating precision trimmer capacitor design offers the following advantages over conventional rotating types:
  • Linear tuning with no reversals
  • A true high frequency device with high Qs, low RF losses, low constant inductance and high self-resonant frequencies
  • A superior seal because the screw head and 0-ring do not move in and out
  • Greater life - 10,000 cycles minimum
  • Much smaller sealed MIL sizes
  • Ability to provide extended metal or plastic shafts DIELECTRIC
The dielectric is a tube which has been precision drawn in a vacuum so that its inner diameter is held within +0.0002".

The choices are:
    • Annular Band Glass: A solid tube of a specially-selected formulation of glass which is metallized on the outside.
      • Embedded Band Glass: Two tubes of glass fired together with a metallized silver band embedded between them. The inner tube is only 0.005" thick to provide much higher capacitance values.
        • Quartz: A pure-grade silicon oxide offering higher Q and voltage ratings in each size with the trade-off of lower capacitance and higher cost.
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