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High Temperature Resistors(HTR)
  Wednesday, March 8, 2017
  Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Product Ref No: 157
Order No/Series: HTR

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High Temperature Resistors(HTR)

High Temperature Resistors

Type MS Precision Power Film Resistors
Max. Operating Temperature of +275C
Power ratings from 0.25 watts to 22 watts
Voltage ratings from 200V to 6KV
Resistance Range 20 ohm to 30 Meg
Tolerance at ±1%,

Type MV Low Resistance Power Film Resistors
Max. Operating Temperature of +275C
Resistance Range of 10.0 ohms to 50 ohms
Power ratings from 1.5 watts to 10 watts
Tolerance 1% (5% and 10% are also available)

Type MG Precision High Voltage Resistors
Max. Operating Temperature of +225C
Voltage Ratings from 600V to 48KV
80 ppm/C, -15C to +105C, ref. +25C
Resistance Range up to 10,000 Meg
Tolerance of 1% (available to 0.1%)
Stability of 0.5% per 1,000 hours

MP820/MP821 TO-220 Style Power Film Resistors w/ Metal Mounting Tab Operating temp to +175C
20 watts at 25C case temperature derated to zero at +175C
Resistance as low as 0.020 ohm at ±1%

MP9100 TO-247 Style Kool-Pak® Power Film Resistors
Operating temp to +175C
100 watts continuous power at 25C case temperature
Resistance Range of 0.050 ohm to 100 ohm
Equivelant to UL94-V-O flammability rating
Excellent pulse/surge perfomance, Electrically Isolated case, Non Indutcive

Type MK Precision Power Radial Lead Film Resistors
Operating temp to +175C  
0.50 watt (CK05) 0.75 watt (CK06)
Resistance Range 1.00 ohm to 100 Meg
TC as low as 50 ppm/C, -15C to 105C
Tolerance ±1% (available to ±0.1%)

Type TK Compact Radial-Lead Low TC Precision Film Resistors
Operating temp to +175C
Resistance up to 10 Megohm
Tolerances as tight as 0.05%
TC of 5, 10 or 20 ppm/C, -55C to +125C ref. to +25C
Power ratings up to 0.30 watt at +125C, derates to zero at 175C

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