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VIMOS RF Power Transistors(and Pallets)
  Monday, March 28, 2016
  Monday, March 28, 2016

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VIMOS RF Power Transistors(and Pallets)

What is VIMOSTM?

VIMOSTM is a High Power RF Transistor technology designed specifically for pulsed amplifiers. VIMOSTM devices provide excellent RF performance. In addition, they are extremely rugged, capable of simultaneously withstanding overdrive, overvoltage and 20:1 VSWR. ASI offer a high quality, superior RF device at a very competitive price. Let them prove it. Analyze the data and test their transistors.

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VIMOSTM is a silicon based technology built upon decades of semiconductor engineering. GaN is in its infancy. The devices are fragile with regards to ruggedness, require additional power supply complexity, and are cost prohibitive. 

VIMOSTM technology is specifically designed for pulsed, high power RF amplifiers. LDMOS, on the other hand, was designed for wireless base stations and only subsequently adopted for these types of applications. VIMOSTM devices use the same package as their LDMOS counterparts creating a more rugged amplifier and reducing dependency, exposure and risk to sole source LDMOS. 

VIMOSTM can improve the robustness of your amplifier, reduce field failures, significantly reducing the size and weight of your product and increasing performance, all at a competitive cost.

UHF band Weather and Long Range Radar Applications (48V, 300µs Pulse, 10% Duty Cycle)
Part Number Freq(MHz) Gain(dB) RF Power(W) PSAT (W)
HHV0405-175 420-470 25 175 220
HHV0405-300 420-470 21 300 350
HHV0405-1000 420-470 16 1100 1200
Ground and Air DME,TCAS and IFF Applications (48V 10µs Pulse, 10% Duty Cycle)
Part Number Freq(MHz) Gain(dB) RF Power(W) PSAT (W)
HVV0912-150 960-1215 20 150 200
HVV0912-450 960-1215 18 500 550
HVV0912-800 960-1215 16 800 950
P1000-1215 (Pallet) 960-1215 15 950 1100
Airborne DME Applications (48V 10µs Pulse, 1% Duty Cycle)
Part Number Freq(MHz) Gain(dB) RF Power(W) PSAT (W)
HVV1012-060 1025-1150 20 60 100
HVV1012-250 1025-1150 18 250 300
HVV1012-550 1025-1150 19 550 640
P1000-1215 (Pallet) 1025-1150 15 950 1100
TCAS,IFF SSR and Mode-S Applications(48V 50µs Pulse, 5% Duty Cycle)
Part Number Freq(MHz) Gain(dB) RF Power(W) PSAT (W)
HVV1011-035 1030-1090 21 35 50
HVV1011-300 1030-1090 18 300 325
HVV1011-600 1030-1090 18 750 800
P1000-1215 (Pallet) 1030-1090 15 950 1100
Mode S-ELM Interrogator Applications (48V 32µs on/18µs offx48,repeated every 24ms)
Part Number Freq(MHZ) Gain(dB) RF Power(W) PSAT (W)
HVV1011-075L 1030-1090 20 75 90
HVV1011-180L 1030-1090 18 180 200
HVV1011-500L 1030-1090 17 550 600
HVV1011-1000L 1030-1090 16 1000 1200
P1000-1215 (Pallet) 1030-1090 15 950 1100
Ground Based Radar Applications (48V 200µs Pulse 10% Duty Cycle)
Part Number Freq(MHz) Gain(dB) RF Power(W) PSAT (W)
HVV1214-025 1214-1400 19 25 35
HVV1214-140 1214-1400 19 150 200
  Overview of available VIMOS Downloads  
VIMOS Selector Guide PDF (2.04 MB)
Application Note: VIMOS Reliability Testing Results PDF (250 KB)
Application Note: VIMOS RF Power Transistor Mounting PDF (598 KB)
Application Note: VIMOS Thermal Overview PDF (348 KB)
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