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Non-Magnetic Trimmer Capacitors(Non-Magnetic Trimmers)
  Friday, December 23, 2005
  Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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Non-Magnetic Trimmer Capacitors(Non-Magnetic Trimmers)

Voltronics has produced non-magnetic trimmer capacitors for over 25 years.

The increasing applications have impelled the company to mount an active, continuing engineering effort in this field.

The severe requirement for non-magnetic properties is such that in a 14,000 Gauss field the capacitors must not distort the useable field by more than one part per 600 million. To achieve this, no materials or platings exhibiting measureable magnetism, such as stainless steel or nickel, are used. Commercial brass is unacceptable. Typical magnetic susceptibility is 40 x 10-6 CGS units. Voltronics' strict traceability system and its testing for minute magnetism insure this essential parameter.

The capacitors have Voltronics' unique non-rotating piston design which offers 100% tuning linearity without reversals, high Q, long life, and low internal inductance. The internal bushing arms which prevent rotation also wipe on the moving piston to form a low resistance contact which can carry several amperes of RF current. No current flows along the tuning screw as in all other trimmer capacitor designs!

Most of the capacitors are internally O-ring sealed so that they can withstand immersion in flux and cleaning solvents without leaking.

Most of the parts shown in this catalog were developed for a specific customer application. Many other mounting configurations are available. Call the factory to discuss your special needs.

Most of these non-magnetic trimmer capacitors can be used and even tuned at temperatures down to 4 degrees K. They are specially made and have been used in many NMR applications.

We can design parts which will work for a variety of special situations. Consult the factory with your requirements.

To order part for cryongenic application, add"K" to the part number, I.e., NMTM120CK

We can't test at these temperatures. Each application is different, but consult us if there is a problem which may have already been solved.

Non-magnetic versions of the parts are available. Consult the factory for detailed specifications.
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