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Directed Energy, Inc. is a leading supplier of innovative high-speed, pulsed-power instruments and components for OEM, laboratory and manufacturing applications.
DEI is continually redefining the standards in pulsed-power components and instrumentation. We supply customers with reliable, solid-state pulsed voltage and current instruments that rely on advanced proprietary and patented techniques and circuit designs for outstanding performance and reliability.
Our products include  High voltage pulse generators and modulators Digital delay and low voltage pulse generators Pulsed, Quasi-CW and CW laser diode drivers and pulsed current sources High speed/high frequency power MOSFET transistors
The primary applications addressed by DEI's technologies include:
Pulsed high power semiconductor testing Burn-in and test equipment for laser diodes Driving pulsed laser diodes in range-finders, LIDAR and diode-pumped solid-state lasers Gating/steering ions in Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectroscopy (biotech and environmental research) Driving acoustic transducers for sonar and non-destructive testing Driving Pockel's cells, Q switches and other electro-optic applications Pulsed test instruments for dielectric and insulating materials Burn-in equipment and modulators for Magnetrons High Power Thyratron Drivers RF Power Generation High Frequency Power Conversion In addition to benchtop and modular products,
DEI has developed complete, integrated, packaged turnkey solutions for materials testing, pulsed component characterization and laser diode burn-in and qualification requirements. Many of our systems simplify the testing process by integrating high-power pulsed electronic circuitry with integrated microprocessor control and a computer-based graphical user interface.
DEI specializes in OEM solutions to meet your most demanding requirements. Ranging from compact open-frame modules to rack-mount instruments, DEI’s OEM products are designed to meet your specific electrical, mechanical and cost requirements with complete, self-contained solutions.
DEI’s OEM laser-diode drivers, modulators and pulse generators are incorporated into a wide range of systems and equipment, including rangefinders, remote sensing, mass spectrometers and laser-diode test instruments.
DEI's products are based on innovative, high speed solid state switches using patented and proprietary techniques and circuit designs. Many of our products use DEI's patented DE-SERIES Fast PowerTM MOSFETs as switching elements.

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