Caddock Electronics, Inc. manufactures precision resistors and resistor networks.

Caddock uses unique resistance film technologies and process technologies to create solutions for performance demanding applications.

The product line consists of over 250 models, including:

  • High voltage resistors
  • Current sense resistors
  • Chip resistors
  • High frequency resistors
  • RF resistors
  • Load resistors
  • Pulse resistors
  • Non-inductive power resistors

Custom resistors and resistor network solutions are also available.


Current Sense Resistors

High Performance Resistor Networks

High Temperature Resistors

Power Film Resistors (MP930/MP915)

Power Film Resistors (PFR)

Precision Current Sense Resistors

Precision High Voltage Resistors

SMT Resistors

Ultra-Stable Low TC Resistor Products