Founded in 1965, Werlatone Inc is a leading supplier of high power, broadband passive RF components to include, RF Directional Couplers, RF Combiners and RF Dividers to customers worldwide. Our commitment to the highest quality, best performance and on-time delivery places us among the most respected suppliers in the industry.

WE EXCEL when your application requires a custom, high power, broadband solution. As year-to-year product sales consist of 65% custom passive RF components and 35% catalog items, our entire staff is dedicated to your individual specifications. Like most companies, we first address a customer’s application with a similar design and then modify as necessary.

WE DESIGN our Directional Couplers, Combiners and Dividers to meet the most stringent operating conditions:

  • Our Directional Couplers, Combiners and Dividers may operate into high load VSWR conditions, for extended periods, without damage. Our Mismatch Tolerant® RF Directional Couplers and Combiners / Dividers allow continuous operation into open and short conditions.
  • When specified, we design our High Power RF Combiners to tolerate input transmitter failure(s). This ensures that remaining transmitter(s) may continue to operate until the system can be properly shut down for maintenance.
  • For Non-Coherent Combining applications (combining two or more signals with different frequency, power, and/or phase onto a single run of coax), we provide designs which ensure proven heat dissipation techniques.
  • Watertight Versions available as a standard upgrade. Please contact our sales department for additional information.

Serving Aerospace and Defence, EMC/EMI Testing, Commercial Communications, Semiconductor Design and Industrial Heating.


Mismatch Tolerant Combiners (0°, 90°, and 180°)

Mismatch Tolerant dual directional Couplers

Taps and Transformers

Quadrature hybrid combiners

Quadrature hybrid dividers

Dual directional couplers

Hybrid couplers

RF dividers, splitters and equipment