Kyocera AVX is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronic components and innovative sensor, control, connectors and antenna solutions. Delivering technologies and products for tomorrow’s solutions.

Kyocera AVX employ more than 15,000 innovative engineers, researchers, technicians, specialists and experts across all fields. They have an expansive global footprint comprised of several dozen research, development and manufacturing facilities spanning more than 15 countries.


Tantalum Capacitors

Ceramic Capacitors

Film Capacitors

Aluminum Capacitors

Antenna Solutions

Tin Film RF Components

RF Components and Devices


TVs and Schottky Diodes

Super Capacitors

Niobium Oxide Capacitors


NTC Thermistors

Thin-Film Fuse

Industrial Connectors

Connectors EC

Crystal Devices

Power Semiconductors

SAW Devices

Hi-Rel /Mil Components

Space/Aerospace Components