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for industrial, defence and aerospace applications across Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.
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AJ Distributors would like to introduce you to Martek Power Abbott, the largest selection of Military "Off-the-Shelf" COTS Power Supplies and Semi-Custom power solutions.

Standard COTS and custom power supplies that meet military specifications.

Martek Power Abbott manufacture a full range of AC/DC, DC/AC and DC/DC converters and power inverters.

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Voltronics has expanded its support of customers designing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems with a wide range .....
The AB, AW and AM series of power supplies were designed as military grade, stand alone devices .....
Resistive Products (High Power RF) by American Technical Ceramics (ATC)
ATCs complete line of high powered resistive products are designed and manufactured in our ISO-9001 facility using non-toxic, cost effective, Aluminum Nitride base substrates. All products are manufactured and qualified to; Mil-PRF-55342, MIL-STD 202, an..
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Multilayer Capacitors (600S series) by American Technical Ceramics (ATC)
600S Series Ultra-Low ESR, High Q, NPO RF & Microwave Capacitors (MLCs)..
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Power Capacitor Assemblies (Power Assemblies) by American Technical Ceramics (ATC)
ATC standard & custom Power Assemblies are fabricated from PARALLEL and SERIES combinations of industry-respected ATC catalog products. Customer requirements are address by a variety of computer matching and assembly technigues which have enabled ATC to e..
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Custom Thin Film Products () by American Technical Ceramics (ATC)
Custom Thin Film Circuits and Components ATC brings a new standard of responsiveness and quality to thin film technology. Custom metalization and patterned substrates are offered to address a broad spectrum of deposition and hybrid circuit fabricatio..
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Single Layer Capacitors (SLC) by American Technical Ceramics (ATC)
ATC's extensive line of Single Layer Capacitor (SLC) products offer solutions to the most demanding microwave and millimeter wave requirements...
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Multilayer Capacitors (High Q RF Capacitors) by American Technical Ceramics (ATC)
ATC's 100 Series Porcelain Superchip Multilayer Capacitors have been the Industry standard for over 35 years, featuring one of the highest Qs in the industry, rugged porcelain construction, TCC of +/- 90ppm / C and solderable SMT chip and leaded style te..
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Inductors (High Frequency Wire Wound Chip) by American Technical Ceramics (ATC)
ATC introduces its new family of RF surface mount inductor components, intended to complement its high frequency ultra low ESR capacitor products. This series includes the most widely used traditional EIA case sizes - 0402, 0603, 0805, 1008, and 1206..
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Broadband Microwave Capacitor (500S) by American Technical Ceramics (ATC)
Millimeter Wave Surface Mount Capacitors ATC's 500 Series Broadband Microwave Capacitor (BMC) is a unique, patented component which greatly exceeds both multilayer and single layer capacitor performance. It delivers extremely low insertion loss with ult..
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Military Capacitors (CDR Series) by American Technical Ceramics (ATC)
ATC Military Products ATC is a QPL Approved Supplier for MIL-PRF-55681/4 and /5 products. The Military Products Manual covers the general requirements for established reliability fixed, multilayer, unencapsulated, monolithic porcelain and ceramic dielec..
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Design Kits (DK Kits) by American Technical Ceramics (ATC)
ATC Design Kits Engineering Design Kits Over 50 Design Kits ATC Products Included: 600 Series Ultra-Low ESR Microwave Capacitors 100 Series Porcelain Capacitors 700 Series Porcelain and Ceramic Capacitors 500 Series Millimeter Wave SMT Cap..
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